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The gas that drives new opportunities.


The technology that connects to new jobs.


We make it work for America’s working families.

34 million families on the brink... of the American dream or falling through the cracks

They are doing their best to make ends meet but financial security is falling beyond their grasp.
They already have the will. You can help provide the way.

We match them with donors who help them win.

ThriveFunds works with trusted community partners to identify at-risk families and match them with donors
who help fund the transportation, childcare and other tools that help them realize financial stability.
Together we are making it work.

About the event
Fabienne's Story

Fabienne needed more work and a higher

paying job to begin saving towards her

goal of moving her three girls to a home in

a safe neighborhood.


She worked the night shift and took

classes to make it happen. Her donor

provided the laptop and gas cards that

allowed her to get there.

Why ThriveFunds?

Whether you’re funding a specific family or our overall mission,

ThriveFunds is trusted as the 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to driving

the economic mobility of American families on the cusp of financial independence.

Highly Trusted Partners
The Right Donation
The Most Direct Impact

Feel confident knowing that our vetted

network of on-the-ground support &

training providers identify households

that are most in need of assistance.

Know you’re making a difference by

hand-selecting your family and seeing

how your donation is driving success.

Ensure your donation is has maximum
impact with a process that allows families
to identify the practical non-cash resources
and items most essential to their success. 
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