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Who We Are

Our Mission

Investing in the infrastructure of America’s working families to increase opportunity and economic mobility for all. 

Our Impact

Hear from our member families about what they need to achieve financial independence.

"I would be able to work my full work week schedule without having to call in because I don't have a sitter or having to leave work in the middle of a shift because I don't have dependable, reliable, or proper childcare.  Missing work means we have to go without even more than we already have to on a regular basis. Also not being able to be consistent with my work schedule means our sole income is in jeopardy. If I would be able to utilize your funding, it would also mean that my youngest daughter (2)  would be able to be in a positive, safe, clean, healthy and structured environment during the day while I work . This assistance would make a significant difference to my whole family's day to day lives -  financially , emotionally and mentally."

- Indianapolis mother of two

"I am a single mother of two little girls, and I am responsible for getting both of my daughters and myself to and from our destinations. I am currently going through a tank and a half of gas a week. With gas prices varying at this time, I am having to pull gas money from our food budget and asking family for help to get us to and from where we need to be. If I could get help in this area, I would be able to put my extra money towards my daughter's daycare and groceries."

- Indianapolis mother of two



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Board Chair & Founder

Gisele Garraway

Philanthropist, Business Executive,
Social Impact 

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Jacob Mizrahi

Private Equity Investor, CEO Oval Partners

jennifer joyce.jpeg

Board Member

Jennifer Joyce

Consumer-Obsessed Entrepreneur & Business Executive

James Collins.png

Board Member

James Collins

Investor & Business Executive


Board Member

Ed Woo

Creative Analytics Professional

Tuttle Headshot.jpeg

Team Member

Kerry Tuttle

Senior Director of Strategic Philanthropy

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 4.02.57 PM.png

Vice Chair & Secretary

Dionne Lomax

Legal scholar, Antitrust Expert

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 4.03.13 PM.png

Board Member

Shaun Greene

Technologist, Self-described Product Geek


Board Member

Marlo Underwood Collins

Philanthropist, Arts Enthusiast

Emily Wilson.jpg

Board Member

Emily Wilson

Public Relations Executive


Board Member

Benjamin Garden

Director of Analytics and Practice Leader

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 4.03.03 PM.png


Amera Schaefer

Nonprofit CEO

Beverly Guy-Sheftall.jpg

Board Member

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Black feminist scholar, writer, professor - Spelman College

Steve Gillman.png

Board Member

Steve Gillman

Retired Process Engineer & Manufacturing Executive and Community Leader


Board Member

Calvin Goah

Software Engineer

Elizabeth Darby

Team Member

Elizabeth Darby

Senior Director of Operations

A New Way to Invest in Working Families

Existing safety net services help families meet their Survival Budget. THRIVEfunds addresses the gap between survival and empowerment. Working families seek opportunities to improve their current circumstances.

Pre-COVID, there were 50.8 million US households unable to invest in expenditures to increase their economic mobility and quality of life.

We partner with local organizations to build on working families’ capacity to change their lives forever.

What do we fund?


Economic Mobility Investments.
Many working families earn just enough to survive but are not able to attain economic mobility. Investments in childcare/family care, technology, career advancement, and transportation allow families to strive toward financial freedom.
2023 Investment Guide Cover.png

INVEST in a family now...

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