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Making it work for working families.


Making it easy for you to help.

THRIVEFunds helps families go from surviving to thriving 

by connecting them to donors who help fund the childcare, 

educational resources, transportation, and technology 

they need to achieve financial stability.


Fund a family

Want to make a direct impact 

and see the results of your donation? 

Quickly browse our list of vetted families 

and select the one that inspires you. 

You can choose to support a one-time request 

or commit to a 12-month investment.

Support the mission

Looking to make a big difference in minutes? 

Unrestricted gifts to THRIVEFunds 

help underwrite the innovative technology 

that connects investors to families, 

fund our operations and support 

expansion into new communities. 


Entrepreneur Raynya Simmons was looking for a nonprofit that allowed her to make a direct impact. She selected a family whose situation was not far off from her own before her education and hard work paid off. Her donation has helped a hard-working mom get technology to educate her kids and to improve her skills toward launching her own small business

Corporate Supporters

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