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Click here to Invest in a Family

Working families need your help to move from just surviving to thriving, from financial insecurity to financial independence. Each THRIVEfunds family has a unique story, and your investment in securing childcare, educational resources, transportation, or technology can make a lasting difference for their futures. You may choose to support a one-time request or commit to a long-term investment in a family's future.  


Click here to Invest in the Mission 

Unrestricted gifts to THRIVEfunds underwrite the innovative technology that connects investors to member families, fund our low-cost operations, and support the expansion of our program to additional communities.

You may give online, by mail, or through your donor advised fund. 

  • Does your employer match your gift to THRIVEfunds? Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage their employees to be philanthropic. Most companies match gifts 1:1, but some will even double or triple your gift to THRIVEfunds. You will also receive donor credit for the gift your company makes. 

  • Visit the Human Resources office at your company to get a matching gift form. Many companies now have these forms available for their employees online.  All you have to do is fill out the form and send it to THRIVEfunds at this address:

    THRIVEfunds Inc 
    6510 Telecom Drive Suite 200

       Indianapolis, IN 46278

Hear from our member families about what they need to achieve financial independence.

"I would be able to work my full work week schedule without having to call in because I don't have a sitter or having to leave work in the middle of a shift because I don't have dependable, reliable, or proper childcare.  Missing work means we have to go without even more than we already have to on a regular basis. Also not being able to be consistent with my work schedule means our sole income is in jeopardy. If I would be able to utilize your funding, it would also mean that my youngest daughter (2)  would be able to be in a positive, safe, clean, healthy and structured environment during the day while I work . This assistance would make a significant difference to my whole family's day to day lives -  financially , emotionally and mentally."

- Indianapolis mother of two

"I am a single mother of two little girls, and I am responsible for getting both of my daughters and myself to and from our destinations. I am currently going through a tank and a half of gas a week. With gas prices varying at this time, I am having to pull gas money from our food budget and asking family for help to get us to and from where we need to be. If I could get help in this area, I would be able to put my extra money towards my daughter's daycare and groceries."

- Indianapolis mother of two

Founders' Society Donors

$50,000 +

Jake Mizrahi

Gisele & Levi Garraway

$10,000 - $49,999

Dionne Lomax
Beverly Guy-Sheftall

up to $9,999

Edward Balatan

Carmella Britt

Jesse Caplan

Elizabeth Darby

Terri & Brian Deep
Mike Feeney
Annie Marie Garraway
Steve Gillman

Shaun Greene

Lisa Jones
Matt & Beth Kamer

Curtis Andre Kearns
Andrew Kopjak

Kieran McCabe

Anabela Perozek
Jeanette Ransom
Chet Robinson
Cherry Saudades
Amera Schaefer
Bill & Marianne Sellers

Kerry & Jason Tuttle
Patricia Williamson

Emily Wilson

Corporate Supporters

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