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THRIVEfunds Welcomes Fathers and Families Center as New Partner

THRIVEfunds, Inc. and Fathers and Families Center have announced the formation of a strategic partnership that will allow Fathers and Families Center to expand the services it offers to hundreds of families each year in Indianapolis.

The agreement will allow graduates of the Strong Fathers program to submit requests for investment through the THRIVEfunds philanthropic platform. Impact minded donors select specific economic mobility investment requests that help THRIVEfunds member families achieve financial freedom.

Gisele Garraway, Founder and CEO of THRIVEfunds said, “We are so proud to add the Fathers and Families team to our network of effective partners who are dedicated to cultivating economic hope and providing career advancement skills to communities who seek income stability.”

Larry Smith, President/CEO of Fathers and Families Center said “We are thrilled to partner with THRIVEfunds in an effort to meet our clients’ more thoroughly and effectively.” He added that “I’ve known Gisele for several years. Her passion, competence, and commitment are already having a major impact on the crucial work in which THRIVEfunds is engaged.”

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