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Kerry Tuttle

May 2, 2023

THRIVEfunds, Inc. and Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath), a Boston-based nonprofit, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership that will allow THRIVEfunds to supplement the services EMPath offers to hundreds of families each year in the Greater Boston area.

EMPath is one of the largest providers of family homeless shelter in Massachusetts and directly serves around 1,300 people in Greater Boston every year through housing-based and other economic mobility programs. The organization’s partnership with THRIVEfunds will allow participants in these programs to submit requests for financial support in the areas of technology, career advancement, child/family care, and transportation through the THRIVEfunds philanthropic platform. Requests can range from $50 per month to $3,500 annually. Impact minded donors select specific requests that help THRIVEfunds member families meet their needs. The connection between an individual investor and member family creates a stable source of funding for families and provides tangible impact for donors.

Gisele Garraway, Founder and CEO of THRIVEfunds said, “Our national scan of anti-poverty programming revealed that EMPath is one of the most effective, research-backed economic mentoring models in the U.S.  Therefore, we are delighted to welcome EMPath to our national giving platform where donors can offer direct support to U.S. families who are battling poverty.”

Kim Janey, President & CEO of Economic Mobility Pathways said, “The families we work with need assistance to meet their basic needs and put them on a path toward financial stability. We are grateful to THRIVEfunds for their partnership and for connecting our families with these much-needed resources,” She added that “Inflation has only compounded the already-too-high cost of living in Boston, which is one of the most expensive cities in the country. The type of direct financial support provided by THRIVEfunds donors is critical to helping ease that burden for families who need it most.”

About THRIVEfunds

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Indianapolis, THRIVEfunds is a technology-based nonprofit that facilitates direct connections between families working to achieve economic mobility and philanthropic investors who provide impactful funding for family care, transportation, career advancement, or technology. Our families report an average initial score of 1.6 out of 5 on our economic wellness index measuring perceived financial security. 91% of families participating in the THRIVEfunds program do not have $300 in personal savings to cover an unexpected expense. Our mission is to Invest in the infrastructure of America’s working families to increase opportunity and economic mobility for all. 

About Economic Mobility Pathways

Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) is a nearly 200-year-old organization that dramatically improves the lives of people living in poverty. Because creating economic opportunity is multifaceted, EMPath’s approach is too. EMPath offers a unique combination of direct services; a learning network of human services organizations; and research and advocacy for what works. This “virtuous circle” allows each part of the organization’s work to inform what it knows, does, and shares with others to seed systemic change. To learn more, visit

Media Contacts:

Kerry TuttleDirector of Strategic Philanthropy

Indianapolis, IN


EMPath Contact

Michelle Blundell

Senior Director of Communications

Boston, MA

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