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Kerry Tuttle

Oct 16, 2023

THRIVEfunds program to serve Indianapolis Dress for Success

THRIVEfunds, Inc. and Dress For Success Indianapolis. have announced the formation of a strategic partnership that will allow Dress For Success to expand the services it offers to hundreds of women each year in Central Indiana.

The agreement will allow participants in Dress For Success programs to submit requests for investment through the THRIVEfunds philanthropic platform. Impact minded donors select specific economic mobility investment requests that help THRIVEfunds member families achieve financial freedom.

Gisele Garraway, Founder and CEO of THRIVEfunds said, “THRIVEfunds is so honored to partner with Dress For Success Indianapolis and to support its goal of ‘Inspiring hope inside and out to every woman, every time!’ Given our shared commitment to advancing opportunities for women and their families, this collaboration will serve as a catalyst for long term financial stability for the Indianapolis community.”

Julie Petr, Executive Director of Dress For Success Indianapolis said. “At Dress For Success Indianapolis we help women move from the any job to the better job to the career job by providing tools needed to thrive in business and life. Sometimes something will keep a woman from getting a job or keeping a job that could be easily solved with just a little extra help. That’s where our partnership is priceless! THRIVEfunds fills the gaps to help women overcome obstacles outside of the employment serves we provide. Thank you THRIVE for your support!.”

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