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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply?
    THRIVEfunds works with partner organizations in the communities we serve. Families seeking assistance are asked to get in touch with one of our partners to complete an application. Learn more here If you are not currently working with one of our community partners, or if you need immediate assistance, please call Indiana 211, a free service that connects Hoosiers with help and answers from thousands of health and human service agencies and resources - quickly, easily and confidentially.
  • What does THRIVEfunds invest in?
    Economic Mobility Investments are investments above the survival budget (living paycheck-to-paycheck) that families use to build a wealth budget. These investments increase the power of the donor’s dollars by strengthening the financial capacity of a family on a survival budget. Several research studies prove the value of investing in Technology, Career Advancement, Childcare/Family care and Transportation to improve economic mobility.
  • Where does my donation go?
    Your donation goes directly to acquiring the service a member family needs. THRIVEFunds partners with sponsoring organizations that support economic mobility in our priority areas –Technology, Career Advancement, Childcare/Family Care and Transportation. These partners have participated in an extensive onboarding process to be part of the THRIVEFunds network.
  • Can I support more than one family?
    Yes! Investors are welcome to support more than one family. If you are an organization, foundation or corporation interested in supporting a block or a small neighborhood, please reach out to us directly at
  • How does THRIVEfunds identify member families who seek support?
    THRIVEfunds partners with vetted community partners to identify families that have limited income and assets. THRIVEfunds amplifies the work of sponsor organizations already helping these low-income families. Your investment is augmented by supplemental programming like financial coaching, workforce development support, and other services from sponsor organizations.
  • How can I get my employer involved?
    Please email or call 317-426-8592 to start the process.
  • Do I have to select a family or can I simply make a general donation?
    General donations are welcomed! We leverage general donations to cover our low-cost operations and to maintain our technical platform. We also use your donations to onboard new sponsor organizations who help us identify families in need of support.
  • What does the service fee cover?
    The service fee covers THRIVEFunds administrative expenses to provide the technology system and engage sponsor organizations. A modest service fee is added at the time of each transaction.
  • Who is behind THRIVEfunds?
    For more information click here.
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